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The Team


Don’t let Simon Bruce’s highly-patterned (some might say garish) tailored shirts fool you – he’s a serious, consummate professional with over *100 years experience of managing design and production projects. A member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, Simon brings an infectious enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to any project and will be your primary contact within 2b:creative.

A rugby man to the core, his long winter months are spent following the Ulster and Ireland teams, however Simon’s guilty pleasure is that he is also a lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, one of the Premiership’s perfectly adequate and frequently under-achieving football teams.


Despite Senior Designer Martin Barlow’s worryingly obsessive relationship with his iPad, this lightly-tattooed ex-biker’s design philosophy is that all great work begins with a pencil and a blank piece of paper. In fact, Martin is never happier than when he is creating cartoons and illustrated stories for the younger members of his family.

“My dream job would be to design and brand a pro cycling team – I have four bikes in the shed myself, but my wife keeps threatening to sell them”, Martin says. Goodness only knows what she thinks about his collection of 200+ Marvel figures and his Star Wars Lego.


Senior Designer Damian McCann is a paradox. A rugged outdoorsman perfectly at home holidaying in a tent under a hedge like some kind of Bear Grylls, Damian also has to be within arm’s reach of his Xbox and whatever latest gadget the evil forces of technology have compelled him to purchase. A supremely talented designer and coffee enthusiast, Damian has a particular interest in new things, particularly if they are logical, although he has been known to have clients walking barefoot through their place of work in search of that elusive perfect photo opportunity. We forget why.

Our in-house gourmand, Damian is keen to try the cuisine of as many nations as possible. He’s particularly fond of Indian food. Did we mention he loves coffee? Fresh pot!

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