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Email Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most transparent and cost effective methods of continually communicating with both your existing and target markets.

You don’t always have to be trying to sell something, simply by just keeping in touch with your client’s and informing them of an industry update, or if you have employed a new member of staff, or even just letting them know when you are closing for a seasonal holiday… are always maintaining contact.

At 2b:creative we specialise in creating visually engaging e-cards and the HTML coding. Many of our clients also use our services for scheduling publication online, applying their e-mail database.

Having moved to Ireland in 2005 I had an immediate requirement to find a creative agency that I could work with. A few names made the shortlist – 2b:creative came out on top – and have stayed there for the 13 years that have now gone past. In the middle of this time I changed my employment – 2b made the change with me. Working together is right where it is with these guys – it’s not a punch-line, it’s for real


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