Branding – More Than A Logo Part 2 – “The Process” When wealth-management comp…

Branding – More Than A Logo

Part 2 – “The Process”

When wealth-management company Johnston Campbell Ltd engaged us to work with them on brand development, we took care to take the time to understand the company's ethos. We quickly realised that wealth management is a process that focuses on people, not on numbers. The business's three defining focal points could be characterised as Clients, Colleagues and Character. This '3 Cs' approach informed our work on defining the tangible brand assets.

Because we were focusing on the 'people' aspect, our initial design concept work homed in on warmth and approachability. Each stage of the design process built upon the one before. Visual refinements included colour palettes and typography – all designed and selected to reflect and complement the Johnston Campbell environment and ethos.

As these refinements progressed, we were able to apply them to the branding assets, securing approval and absorbing feedback at each stage as design ideas started to be applied in tangible ways. The end result of the process, as it is for all our brand development clients, has been a suite of tools designed to be used in specific ways and across multiple platforms for audiences with differing expectations, and that capture the company's personality and express it clearly and unambiguously.

Some brands derive from the people in the business, some reflect the product or service. Some are a mix of both. Each brand development follows a similar path and ends at a different destination. There is no boilerplate approach to the process and while we have a tried and tested methodology, it is flexible and responsive. Important as visual impact is, a brand is so much more than a logo. It is a living thing that grows, evolves and scales up to meet the challenges of changing times and business practices.

Brand development is an adventure.

It's one we relish!